Repairing Core Fractures

Special 90-Day Bootcamp begins February 2013!

Start Healing and Get the Tools to Move On!

Core fractures are created by the events in our life that break our trust, or leave us feeling betrayed, abandoned or victimized.

Worry, illness, depression, anxiety, PTSD and phobias are only a few of the symptoms associated with core fractures. Other common symptoms include feeling disconnected from purpose and path, confused or numb.

These trauma imprints etch our morphogenetic field and compromise our physical DNA. They create blind spots, corrupt our potential in business and relationships, and cause us to repeat unwanted patterns and engage in unhealthy behaviors. Left unrepaired, we find ourselves stuck in life. But they can be healed!

The Repairing Core Fractures Bootcamp puts the power to heal in your hands. Join Dawn as she reveals this hidden operating system for life, and gain access protocols for restoring your core strength–the essence of who you are! This program includes personalized tools developed with patent pending software, specific protocols, diagnostics and live Q&A.

ann-duffy“Using Dawn’s refreshingly clear and comprehensive tools has been like learning a new language or discovering a special key I didn’t quite realize I had. It has allowed access to a whole and beautiful practice for living. “

—Ann Duffy, Corporate Sustainability Officer, Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games

Stop the pain! Take the first step to repairing your core fractures.

With The Essential Restore: Repairing Core Fractures program you will:

  • Discover the missing link between trauma and repeated life patterns
  • Regain inner-strengths stripped by stressful and unexpected events
  • Experience a guided meditation that walks you through the inside track of recovery
  • Get individualized “tools for life,” calibrated specifically for you, that empowers you to repair your core fractures.

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