Turn on Your Strengths, Break Free of Unwanted Patterns, and
Step Into Your Authentic Power

Being in a rut is no one's dream...

We all have dreams for our future -- goals that we want to accomplish. So why do so many people accept a life of "not enough"? 

Most people struggle in silence, treading water in their personal and professional lives. They never get what they want. Dreams of creating your ideal work situation, finding your soulmate, and achieving success can all become muted - but, in your heart, you know these dreams CAN be realized!

And when you see someone who DOES have it all - you can only wonder: What am I doing wrong?​

The truth is, you are being undermined by Core Fractures. And until you Repair them, you will be trapped in the same cycles.

Dawn’s tools gave me the edge when it counted. They helped me embed a winning mindset, overcome limiting beliefs, and clear blocked energy. Thank you, Dawn, for showing me the path to a winning life!

Uchenna Agu

Million-dollar winner of CBS’s prime-time TV show
“The Amazing Race”

FIRST THINGS FIRST: What exactly are core fractures?

Core fractures are what you are left with after your trust has been broken. For example, when your heart gets broken, when you suffer loss, experience betrayal, face abandonment, or become the victim of abuse.

Imagine dropping your phone and losing access to important data and precious memories, such as your photos. Core Fractures are similar. When that happens, you lose access to the most vital aspects of yourself - courage, confidence, will power, as well as your passion and purpose. 

Core fractures damage your underlying operating system - your blueprint for life. 

The risk of not repairing your Core Fractures is great. 

The problems from your past will resurface in business, relationship, and health. This is called a "fractal iteration" of Core Fractures.  And, you will be hindered by an invisible barrier holding you back from your passion and potential. Struggle becomes the name of the game.

Dawn Clark Repairing Core Fractures

If you have ever thought...

  • I Don't Belong
  • There's Got To Be More to Life...
  • I Long for Meaningful Relationships
  • I Can't Remember Portions of My Childhood
  • I Keep Repeating the Same Patterns
  • I Can't Break Through Professionally
  • I Don't Have the Strength to Say "No"
  • I Can't Stop Thinking About the Past

...then you have Core Fractures, and they won't go away by themselves.

Dawn's tools lifted the veils for me. I moved through fears and out of where I was stuck. They empowered me to create the next evolution in my life and evolve my career in ways that I never before could have imagined. I highly recommend her programs to anyone who wants to leave behind the chains of their past and take a giant step forward into their future!

Colin Finlay

Emmy Award-winning photojournalist


…being loved and accepted for who you are

…finding your core passion -- your path and purpose

…stepping forward in confidence with newfound willpower

…feeling happy and at home with the people around you

…being financially supported by doing what you care about

​…looking in the mirror and being happy with who you see

3 Common Myths that Keep You from Achieving Your Goals

  • MYTH #1
  • MYTH #2
  • MYTH #3

MYTH #1: Talking About My Problems Will Fix It

When you talk to people about your problems you may experience a temporary sense of relief and clarity. This catharsis operates at a superficial level. Unfortunately, it does not fix the root cause.

The problems in your life are a symptom of something deeper. Simply talking about it is not going to fix your underlying blueprint for life!

People have often spent thousands on psychotherapy before coming to this work...only to find themselves still just coping.

Once you've begun this work, you'll see how these programs operate at a fundamentally deeper level. And, if you are in talk therapy...great! This will accelerate your results.

The profound and permanent shifts that I have experienced with Dawn’s work is truly amazing and absolutely life transforming. I am stronger, more confident, and clear about who I am and my purpose in life.

Yamini Bhatt

Teacher, Founder of Riddham Spiritual Center

Get Rid of What’s Holding You Back at Core and Get a New Lease On Life!


Many people were Fractured by their family members. This makes it hard to have the open, loving connections we need to live healthy lives. Healing Core Fractures will directly improve your ability to have open-hearted, honest relationships with your loved ones.

They will be so amazed at your changes it will actually make their lives better, too!


Whether you are starting from scratch, struggling to break through, or already have an ongoing multimillion dollar enterprise, you can reach a new level in life by repairing your Core Fractures!​

Core Fractures, even when caused by personal experiences, have a way of creeping into other, important areas of your life, including business. As long as you are fractured, it will make it harder to find partners, take advantage of opportunity, and break through to the next level.


Whether you are seeking your soulmate or want to nurture your current relationship, Repairing Core Fractures will help. By healing, you will move beyond the frustrating cycles of betrayal and regret.

After Repairing Core Fractures, people find that they naturally attract healthy relationships. When you Repair, you revitalize the passion in your current relationships by helping yourself, and your partner, open up to each other's authentic needs.


Parental relationships are often the source of Core Fractures. And without realizing it, you might be repeating the same mistakes your parents made! When we have been abused, it is only too easy to repeat the same cycle of trauma... even if you don't mean to!

Don't take any chances. Stop the cycle of Fracturing. Heal yourself and create a safe environment for your children to flourish.

Ann DuffyCorporate Sustainability Officer, 2010 Winter Olympic Games

Using Dawn’s refreshingly clear and comprehensive tools has been like learning a new language or discovering a special key I didn’t quite realize I had. It has allowed access to a whole and beautiful practice for living.

Repairing Core Fractures Gives You...

6 Core Modules

with step-by-step tools to Reclaim Your Life and Unlock Your Potential


to identify critical areas, direct focus and validate results

Action Plans

to help you put things into motion, stay focused and succeed

Targeted Interactives

to keep you engaged and accountable for optimal results

Behind the Scenes

videos from live classes give you advanced perspectives

Personalized Tools

so you can repair your core fractures and step into your new future

PLUS, for a limited time you get:

Bonus #1

Your Personalized Codes

for Repairing Core Fractures

These codes are created specifically for you, and are part of a groundbreaking technology that boosts life force and puts you in the restoration zone. Previously these codes had been priced separately. During this special offer, they are included as a bonus for you.

Bonus #2

Vault Loaded with 100+ 
Transformational Mini-Sessions with Dawn

Search this robust resource with key words to find recordings that will directly benefit you in different situations for years to come.

These are targeted questions and answers, from people just like you, to support your continued growth.

Nathalie LussierFounder of the software startup AmbitionAlly

The is a powerful tool for anyone looking to change their money story on a profound and life-changing level. Dawn’s tools work at a much deeper level and deliver results unlike anything else I’ve experienced!

What Makes This Work Different?


The Toolkit you will get in Repairing Core Fractures is more than mindset

Research has shown that these tools boost Life Force, as measured by bio-photonic output - making it possible for you to enter the Restoration Zone.

These tools have also been shown to decrease stress and balance brain wave patterns. This improves your action-taking abilities. It also increases clarity, sense of well-being, and inner-calm. 


Repairing Core Fractures delivers you individualized tools designed specifically for you.

You will receive personalized tools for repairing your underlying blueprint for life. The software to create these tools was part a groundbreaking $1 million dollar project. 

Because your tools are imbued with vital life information unique to you, they are hands-down the most effective catalyst for change on the market.

You are SPECIAL, and so is your SOLUTION.

Here's what's you'll get in the Repairing Core Fractures program:


Find Your Passion -- Work Your Dream

Explore Module 1

Module 2: exponential growth

Accelerate your success with the Fractal Effect

Explore Module 2


Take Control of Your Life

Explore Module 3


How to Strategically Build Your Masterplan

Explore Module 4


Unlocking Your Potential for Positive Change

Explore Module 5


Leveraging Timeless and Proven Principles to Skyrocket Your Success

Explore Module 6

Frank Chesky, MDPsychiatrist

Dawn’s work is crucial to unlocking the innovation and creativity needed to solve today’s seemingly insurmountable problems, and in helping individuals find their way back home.

Don't Miss Out On These Bonuses

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Yes. You Can Test Drive Two Repairing Core Fractures Modules, 100% Risk Free

Our mission is to help you realize your full potential. That’s why we invite you to participate fully in 2 Repairing Core Fractures Modules. If you don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promise prior to the third Module opening, we’ll happily refund 100% of your money.

Repairing Core Fractures was a very profound experience for me. Finally, I stand up for myself. I am ready to shine and to be seen.

Meggie E.


Dawn’s work is profoundly effective at enabling change that is lasting and powerful. Since taking it, I have completely reinvented my life!

David M.

Los Angeles, CA


Module 1 opens as soon as you sign up.

After that, your training is released in weekly Modules within our private, member only website.


Tired of sitting through 90 minute video presentations? So are we.

That’s why we’ve broken down our core training into short, digestible nuggets. Each lesson is between 5-25 minutes long. We want you to learn, implement, and take action as quickly as possible without any overwhelm or brain fatigue. 

Our goal is to make your online learning experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.


You’ll watch and learn from your computer, tablet or mobile device.

And, with our multimedia training, regardless of your learning style, you'll be covered with video training, MP3s, PDF Fun Sheets, and templates.


YES! As a new student, you’ll go through the course as it’s released over eight weeks. But we also understand that you’re busy and may need flexibility.

That’s why if you’re taking care of a loved ones, working on a project, or traveling, you don’t have to worry about "falling behind." You'll get lifetime access to Repairing Core Fractures.

That means you can go at your own pace, without stress. And, you can revisit and review the training materials at any time.


Having new ideas is easy, but how do you follow-through and bring them to reality?

Each week you'll get new tools that leverage everything you learned.

With the help of Dawn's Follow-Through Formula you’ll have all the support you need.

"The Repairing Core Fractures System empowers you to work on your top priority
without neglecting the rest of your life, all the while
getting the guidance and handholds you need!"

Jerome ConlonFormer SVP NBC Entertainment; Former Global Marketing Director Nike; Former VP Brand Planning Starbucks

Dawn connects the dots like I have never seen them connected before. It is obvious that her knowledge comes from direct experience and goes beyond any set of books. Her work is life-changing.

I was lacking in self-worth and that was keeping me stuck. I didn't recognize that I deserved to be treated better, to be loved, to be valued.

This work has helped me restore myself!

My passion and path are being revealed and my life has changed so much for the better!

Beth H.

Registered Nurse, Trainer


  • People yearning to get more out of life
  • Anyone who wants to break free of unwanted patterns
  • People who want to rekindle their passion and purpose
  • Anyone who wants to start a new career or re-invent themselves
  • Entrepreneurs and action-takers ready to achieve new levels of success
  • Those ready to overcome trauma or abuse (emotional, physical, sexual)
  • Therapists, Coaches, Consultants, Teachers, Health Care Practitioners, Artists

Most of us never actually go beyond coping...

Just like putting a bandaid on your broken phone won't fix it, wishful thinking and mindset alone, won't repair your core fractures.

It's time go go beyond coping!

You owe it to yourself, and those you love, to live to your fullest potential, to be happier, more prosperous, and more at ease with everything in your life.

Dawn Clark Repairing Core Fractures


How long will this special pricing remain in effect?

Who is this program for? Will it even help me?

How long does it take to see results?

What if I wish to cancel?

How much time will I need to spend on this program every week?

What is unique about your program from all the others offered online?

Will I get access to the entire program all at once?

Can my partner take the course with me at no additional cost?

Pamela S.Executive Career Coach for the MBA students at University of Utah, Trainer and Facilitator

This program transformed my life! Everything has turned around. I've turned around a challenging situation and amazing opportunities I never could have imagined existed. I have truly reinvented myself! 

Dawn's Hope for You...

Over the years, I've helped thousands of people Repair their Fractures including celebrities, entrepreneurs, and Fortune 500 executives create profound breakthroughs in their lives both personally and professionally.

Now, my deepest hope is to help you. You are here for a reason. It is your time to shine!

But, the truth is, you can't step into your full potential when you’re fractured.

That’s why I created the Repairing Core Fractures program. It contains all the tools, all the secrets I’ve learned over the years. I have made it my life's work to help you unlock your potential.

The good news is, you don’t have to do this alone. You won't be lost.

There is support. There is guidance. And there is training to bring you forward.

With Love and Light,

Dawn Clark

Take Charge of Your Life!

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