Bestselling author, lecturer, and visionary, Dawn Clark has spent nearly three decades helping thousands of people unlock their potential and create profound breakthroughs in their lives. Her programs, proprietary technologies and interactive adventures provide effective. ground-breaking solutions for achieving personal and business success, health and vitality, financial empowerment, fulfilling relationships, and authentic leadership.

A recognized thought-leader, Dawn delivers targeted solution systems across multiple genres and platforms to help people reshape their futures. She defies boundaries, integrating fiction, scientific realities and the truth behind reality to take people to new levels of understanding and transformation. Her work delivers a new vocabulary, insights and tools that help people repair core fractures, clear toxic emotions, and repattern themselves for longevity and success.

Since her early childhood, Dawn has been able to perceive unique frequency signatures—fields of energy information—that resonate from all things, including people. It was only later in life that researchers and physicists provided her with a scientific viewpoint for understanding the basis of her unusual abilities. Now, after decades of research and inquiry, Dawn has developed new tools and technologies at the nexus of science and spirit that revolutionize solution systems to transform your life.

Dawn’s clients include entrepreneurs, Fortune 100 business executives, a Nobel Prize winner, an Emmy winning photographer, scientists, artists, engineers, educators, medical professionals, fundraisers, product developers, and others who seek to create more joyful, successful, and sustainable solutions for themselves, for others, and for the planet.

Dawn’s new novel The Forbidden Text, a transformational thriller is now available online and at all good booksellers.


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