About Dawn


Dawn Clark is an international best-selling author, strategic advisor, innovator,
and creator of next-generation technologies, frameworks, and tools for
individual, organizational, and global transformation.

Standing at the nexus of science and spirituality, Dawn teaches
non-linear strategies for success that empower people from all walks
of life to unlock their potential, foster innovation, transform work and play,
and reshape not only their own future, but also the future of the planet.

Known for her authenticity and far-reaching vision, Dawn melds unique insights
gained from her near-death experiences with emerging research in the fields of
physics, brain science, psychology, fractals, biochemistry, and computer science.

Dawn counsels and advises people from all walks of life, including Fortune 100 executives,
celebrities, nonprofit leaders, medical professionals, scientists, artists, teachers, clergy,
and families. She is the inventor of a patent-pending technology that has been shown to
boost bio-photonic output (life force) and balance brain waves in such a way as to enhance
learning and access to our multiple intelligences.


Across all genres and platforms, Dawn provides innovative frameworks and applications for achieving breakthroughs personally, as well as in business, science, education, the arts, government, health and healing, and human interactions. In addition to public speaking, Dawn creates and produces online, interactive,
multi-media programs that teach the underlying constructs for finding your core passion, increasing health and longevity, and how to experience authentic loving relationships. Her programs also teach strategic insight, how to enhance probabilities for success, entrepreneurial growth, authentic leadership, creative problem solving, and innovation.

Dawn creates both non-fiction and fictional works. Her new novel, The Forbidden Text, is a transformational thriller that draws upon Dawn’s first-hand experiences in the field, as well as her adventures with her father, an elite U.S. counter-intelligence agent. Set in modern day global crisis, this expose reveals the stark contrast of possibilities that emerge when one dares defy the status quo and navigate the hidden realms with heart. Understanding the imperative for what she calls “one-spirit-one-planet” mindset, and the need for human evolution on a grand scale, all of Dawn’s creative works and programs are geared toward the “triple bottom line,” that is, helping people to create new realities that are ‘good for themselves, good for others, and good for the planet.’


Before she was a teenager Dawn had two near-death experiences that gave her direct insight into the underlying language of frequency and its power to shape matter and thought. Later, as a young woman, Dawn helped her father, an elite U.S. counter-intelligence agent, write books chronicling his adventures, and became his secret keeper for the stories he dared not transcribe. All of which she has drawn on in her latest novel, The Forbidden Text. Dawn is also the mother of three children, now grown and discovering their own passions in life.