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All three programs distinctly different. They target 3 different zones that are compromised within your morphic field. Each has unique protocols and it’s own unique master codes (antidote frequencies along with frequencies to restore and repair). You can think of it like a car. For the car to be able to take you where you want to go, it needs tires that are in good repair, gas in the gas tank and oil for the engine run. And, you also need to know how to drive it.

Your morphic field is similar – it has key areas that get damaged due to our life experience, and that need to be repaired/restored/upgraded for it to be able to support you getting to the destination of your hopes/dreams/health/relationships/life. Another analogy that helps people better understand their field anatomy is to liken it to a 3 layer cake of 3 different flavors.Each layer is distinct.

One layer is where core fractures occur. The fractures can be like fault lines or shatter patterns or a combination thereof. The fractures are the result of missing core energy due to your pieces vacating as a result of painful experiences in your world experience. When they leave, it compromises your core capacity, including things like being able to stand up for yourself, being able to say no, having courage to walk forward, etc. There is, of course, much more to this story that is explained in the program. This is just a quick overview.

The 2nd layer is where Core Toxic Emotions are stored. Core Toxic Emotions can occur during critical life events, and they can be accumulated from past lives or inherited in your DNA. Rather than being an absence of energy, Toxic Emotions bleed out into your field leaving behind puddles of toxic energy that impact every area of life. Toxic Emotions also acidify your biofield and cell-tissue, compromising health and longevity.

The fix for these puddles of Toxic Emotions is completely different than the fix for core fractures – different codes; different protocols; different frameworks and strategies. The 3rd layer is akin to the operating system for a computer. This is where your operating system for life is stored, along with false truths, such as “life is a struggle”, or “there is not enough.” Those false truths act like viruses in the computer’s operating system and spread their infection over and over not only in your life, but to others. The fix for these viruses is distinctly different than the system to Repair Core Fracture or Clear Toxic Emotions.

The frequency codes required to overwrite these viruses is unique and the system, protocols, frameworks, and strategies are distinctly different. In the Recode DNA for Wealth System, you learn how to eliminate these viruses and upgrade of your operating system for life.

In short, like with other repair jobs, you need different tools for different jobs – screwdrivers; wrenches; hammers. Each of these 3 programs is distinct with unique solution sets and tools. Together they are geared to restore; repair; and upgrade your field so that you don’t have drag holding you back.