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I have suppressed my emotions for decades, and I realized yesterday that I don’t even feel positive emotions towards God. While there are things that can make me happy, I have difficulty bringing up positive emotions. I seem to feel things on the level of the head rather than of the heart. I can be grateful on the intellectual level, but have difficulty doing so on the emotional level.

This is a common phenomenon that can result from the combination of limiting imprints in your DNA, Core Fractures that need repair, and Toxic Emotions that need to be cleared. With Recoding DNA…as you clear out the limiting counterfeit programming you will have more intrinsic “permission” to experience you joy, embrace your passion and identify your dreams.
nTackle one area at a time. Celebrate and acknowledge the small joys. This program will give you the tools to overwrite the limiting beliefs that are keeping you down and it will give you a system and frameworks for awakening your emotions without feeling stuck or overwhelmed. Then, when you get time, also consider doing the programs for Clearing Toxic Emotions and Repairing Core Fractures.Know there is a solution.With each step you take forward you are upgrading your underlying blueprint for life!